Going Virtual

We've taken things digital with our new virtual flipbook.

A virtual flipbook allows us to reach our audience from any location with the click of a share button. Here at YPMO, we’ve taken things digital with our new virtual flipbook. The upside to a virtual flipbook is our viewers are able to view instantly online and don’t have to fight through the troubles of having to download and open a PDF sent through email. We’re taking the hassle out of it and adding ease to your interactive viewing experience. 

Some of the great key components of a flipbook over your regular PDF are ease of use, the ability to embed and share through different platforms, and the exciting interactive component. A flipbook lets a user, simply put, flip through the book. Depending on the style, there may be clickable arrows on the sides or a user can click the corner of the page and it will virtually turn for you. Additionally, sharing your flipbook is easy as 1..2..3! Once you finalize your flipbook, all you have to do is copy the embed link and share out on whatever platform you are using. Finally, a flipbook is new and different from your standard PDF so it engages the reader and holds their attention better than scrolling through a multi-page PDF.

Check out our flipbook below published in February 2019.