With years of experience, YPMO holds a proven track record in adeptly communicating with the public, contractors, and project teams, ultimately driving the success of every project they undertake.


YPMO will perform stakeholder research and prepare a database with key information for the project area. This will be maintained and updated throughout the project and will inform all stakeholders of any project-related information.

Stakeholder Meetings

Upon request, YPMO will initiate and attend stakeholder meetings with community and civic organizations, schools and hospitals, public and business leaders along with anone else who is interested. The team’s facilitators will plan and actively seek the participation of specific communities, agencies, and individual interest groups throughout the PIO planning process.

Direct Mail / Door Hangers

We will collect mailing addresses for the area and mail construction flyers or post cards. The team can also deliver door hangers to the mailing addresses to ensure all businesses, residents, schools, or other key stakeholders are informed of the project.


The YPMO team is always ready to hit the streets to conduct business walks and canvass the area! This helps them determine any relevant information which may affect construction plans.

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