With years of experience, YPMO holds a proven track record in adeptly communicating with the public, contractors, and project teams, ultimately driving the success of every project they undertake.


YPMO are experts in planning and coordinating the logistics and collateral to support public meetings for project initiatives during the planning, design, and construction phases.

Venue Coordination / Logistics

The YPMO team takes an all-encompassing approach to public meeting planning by efficiently managing and implementing a comprehensive range of communication channels to help get stakeholders involved. Throughout the entire duration of the project, we ensure seamless and effective contact with communities through various means including door-to-door interactions, e-mail communications, informative phone contacts, and more.

Virtual / In-Person Meeting Facilitation

YPMO understands the value of public meetings and open houses; The team will initiate, plan, promote, and attend a public, in-person or virtual meeting which helps foster public awareness and input on a project. 

Preparing Collateral

Depending on the needed collateral, YPMO’s inventory includes a-frame boards, laptop computers, easels, presentation boards, iPads, portable printers, typical meeting supplies, digital cameras and recording devices, along with so much more!

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