With years of experience, YPMO holds a proven track record in adeptly communicating with the public, contractors, and project teams, ultimately driving the success of every project they undertake.


YPMO takes a proactive approach by crafting a preliminary PIO Plan that will be executed during the construction phase. This comprehensive review process helps ensure successful project outcomes.

Preliminary PIO Plans

The team will begin doing PIO research gathering information like contact details for key stakeholders, lists of affected addresses, and more. Suggested schedules are also an important component since some project areas involve schools, fire departments, local businesses, annual events, and permitting issues, among other things.

Review Area Constraints

After conducting a thorough business walk, the team will be able to identify any constraints such as business access concerns, bus turnouts, resident parking concerns, etc. 

Stakeholder Concerns

Using SMS and QR code technology, we can strategically collect project-specific feedback from the public by providing a short SMS number or QR code at the bottom of each construction notice. This allows the public to complete a short survey to include their customer service experience, request additional information, or suggest improvements for the city.  

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