With years of experience, YPMO holds a proven track record in adeptly communicating with the public, contractors, and project teams, ultimately driving the success of every project they undertake.


YPMO will work with the project team (City PM, Design Engineer, Contractor, etc.) to develop informational materials.

Project Messaging

Depending on the project, this may include an informational project announcement (postcard or flyer), construction flyer with any traffic restrictions, presentation and display boards for a meeting, websites, and more. Each document will be reviewed by the team and approved by City staff prior to printing.

Flyers / Postcards

Once decided on, YPMO will provide all project-related information on either a flyer or postcard. Our team will then work to identify the key area of stakeholders who need to receive the project information by mail, door hangers, or public meetings/open houses.

Presentations / Display Boards

Our team will put together a presentation including project-related information to be presented at a public meeting or to be showcased on a project website. Display boards may also contain similar information for open houses for attendees to review and ask questions to key personnel if needed. 

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